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holy balls!!!!!!!!!!

I FUCKING MET R2K YESTERDAY!!!! Here is the story:

My friends Natasha,Mary and I went to Holiday Havoc and Finch were playing along w/ insanely awesome bands. Before Finch got on, they started setting up the equipment and Randy came out for a minute to check his guitar. We screamed out "r2k,r2k!!!!" and he looked at us and he had his sunglasses on and he lifted them up so gorgeuously. We were fucking stoked that he saw us and knew that we exsist in this world. The set was awesome- they played mostly new songs which was obviously cool and some old ones. Randy fucking rocked out and was awesome. After the set, the equipment started to be out away off to the side pretty close to us. Then R2k came out and we started screaming for him and he came to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He shook our hand TWICE. It was amazing he is such a sweet heart and we got his autograph. He autographed my ticket and wrote "r2k xxx" it was great. Now to describe him. His hair looked amazing and he was wearing a red shirt w/ a navy green overcoat and jeans. I have pics taken from my cell phone and I shud hopefully post those soon.

The rest of the concert was great Buzzcocks,Offspring,and Pennywise were there and they all kicked major ass (specially offspring they put on such an incredible live show) (as do finch)


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