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There is a guy in my school who looks exactly like Randy. My friend and I were being lazy and just sitting down in pe while this guy started playing basketball. and then i'm like "holy balls that guy looks like r2k" my friend is then "wow he does" then after pe we saw him during passing period. We asked him is he know the band Finch and he is "ya of course" and we told him that he looks like Randy. he said "really? thanks!" His name is Keiton and he is really nice and funny (like randy!) and he is way too nice to care that my friend and I stalk him....cuz yesterday we took a pic of him and we thought he didn't c us doing it but he then looked up and smiled. and he always ditches pe which is really funny cuz he does it in front of everyone,but no one but my friend and i notices him walking outside. I LOVE HIM! but i love the real Randy more...

btw i just joined this community. My name is Rachel. I love finch and I love R2K!!!

I just bought tickets for that Holiday Havoc concert with Finch,Offspring,Buzzcocks,Distillers and Pennywise!!!!!! yay for me!

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